Rare & Unique Incense Burner Porcelain Empire period – for sale on eBay for $ 21,000,000

This Rare & Unique Incense Burner Porcelain Empire period ‘Song’ is now for sale on eBay for $ 21,000,000

Yes, $ 21 million (€ 19.4 MILLION) You heard right! This is a unique opportunity to own a piece of history. This luxury item for sale today on eBay is a rare and unique ” Incense Burner ” from the times of the Song Dynasty (pre-1800) in China. This incense burner blue – green color is described by the seller on eBay as:

“Excellent. It exhibits a subtle glaze glaze under clear and crackle effects color. It is the most rare, exquisite and technically perfect incense burner lotus petal Imperial Kiln Ru. It is a circular incense burner in the shape of a lotus flower with a leaning three-legged rabbit-shaped base. The tip of one of the petals is broken. No other defects or repairs. ”

The incense burner is sold “as is with no returns (in English: as is)”, so the buyer will have to be cautious. Visit the eBay site for more information. [Via Pursuitist ]

Luxury antiques for Home and Office


Find out what are the values ​​that make this trend a luxury and check the best places to buy them.

An antique is not merely a decorative piece, it is an object because it contains the value of time and traces the cultural moment that had its heyday as well material.

The antiques have a symbolic rather than practical function, and much of it lies its value as luxury items .

The antiques are a memory, an allusion to the past, a witness.

Companies generally establish a set of criteria to estimate what objects can be considered antiques , and these are mainly the historic and aesthetic .

The period of time that must have survived an object so it can be considered age is approximately 50 to 100 years.

Moreover, in some shops, it is elaborated history of the object to trace its origin to reach the exact date of its creation possible and sometimes even who was the author.

As luxury items that are the antiques are a good investment because as it passes the time its monetary value increases.

And finally, here’s a list of places in Mexico City where you can find the best antiques :

  • Rodrigo Rivero Lake’s vision of an antiquarian
    More information: www.rlake.com.mx
  • Del Angel Studio – Specialists in repair and maintenance of antiques and artworks
    More information: www.delangelestudio.com
  • Bensire – Rugs, antiques, art and painting from East, Middle East and Central Asia
    More information: www.bensire.com


5 Gifts for Women that will give them Hidden Memories


Below are 5 Gifts for Women that will give them Hidden Memories whenever they use them and they will be reminded of you whenever they use them,

1. Perfumes : certainly is an option that many will seem cliché, but when desalir to look a gift, a good perfume can bail you no matter who you have to give, does not have to be a brand always face when it is original and has a good aroma.

2. Victoria’s Secret : If you are in trouble and you have to make a gift for a special girl and do not know to buy Victoria’s Secret is the best choice and believe me that never fails, no matter her age she nor the particular tastes, I do not know what, but all love this brand and are always happy to receive a present of it will be who want to look like an Angel.

3. Tablets : The tablets have become indispensable for everyone and that unite the best of both worlds, smartphones and laptops, for this reason we will include on this list, but best of all they are good practices and they can be found in a variety of models and prices.

4. IPhone 6S : good for this point not know if this really is a iphone-6S-gold good gift, I really do not give away an iPhone, but if I get one I will be the happiest consultant Carlos right ?, Finally, if you ask what they want for christmas, this Smartphone is one of the best options currently.

5. Cameras: Save cute moments with family and friends is made ​​possible with a camera 12, 2 MP at Christmas time is the best option for men who like to capture important moments.


List of the Best Gifts for Christmas


Hello Readers! I’m back with more special tips and suggestions that are very useful for all this time I bring a list of the best gifts for Christmas either you make makes a present to that loved one so special or if you want to make a personal list to all your friends and family make their contribution to the good cause enlarge your ego, because nothing else to say let’s see what those details that can not miss are in your letter to Santa Claus.

1. Watches : They are a collector ‘s item and we all like, but most important is that there is a type of clock for each person, they want one of quality and sophisticated it a perfect gem, but they want a multifunctional one, for that why the smartwatches are a very good option for men.

2. Portfolios : For women are essential when creating a good look and therefore the more are better, so no limits when giving a good portfolio that woman both appreciate because I really like it will gradecer from all my heart.

3. Shoes : The best friends of women and some men, like me, without a doubt are the best gift received by everyone, even if they are of our favorite brand, you should only take into account the style of the person you’re going to do this and voila, the perfect gift to the agenda.

4. Jacket or Blazer : When giving clothes is a complication because they regularly do not know that you can like the person we are going to devote this, but a good original and good quality jacket is never over, and we all love regardless of age or sex, you only have to take into account the particular style of your friend, friend or family member to be the perfect gift.

5. blouses and shirts : The truth is there in droves, but you can get bail for him and for her, you just have to take into account as in previous cases it according to the style of the person to whom is dedicated this and like portfolios blouse for her is never over, and shirts for are always appropriate.


Neoclassical Art Collections Show in Rio de Janeiro


In the dependence of a former orphanage is located Casa Daros, home of the Daros-Latin America whose parent company resides in Zurich, on the other side of the Atlantic, sheltered from the ethnic, political and sexual conflicts that mark our continent. Amid the hectic traffic of Rio, barricaded between Christ the Redeemer and Sugar Loaf, on the border between Botafogo, Urca and Copacabana, Casa Daros is an oasis for contemporary art. Or rather, contemporary art is an oasis for the endless movement that gives you energy and drive to the carioca city.

The orphanage was completely renovated and now face you saw is exceptional. The neoclassical lines of the original building and give it a patrimonial distinction that few contemporary buildings have in Brazil. His brothers enclosures-the Museum of Modern Art in Rio, the Niterói Contemporary Art Museum and the Art Museum of Rio-out for the recovery that give modern architecture, one of the identity and relevant products export BFG with the names of Affonso Reidy, Oscar Niemeyer Bernardes + Jacobsen and office.

The study of these complexities does not mean at all a daunting task for private initiatives like collecting -analysis should also be made with collections Affairs Department, but seeks to understand the types of viewers who generate these instances. Places that combine such complex concepts as Latin America and collecting lead us to think that most of the time a museum is much more than a museum.

Why art is something that fascinates me – Reasons to love Art

If I could donate something to that nebula it begins to form would be the following: while the engine is to guide the excessive and irrepressible passion for art somehow everything will be fine. Everything can be and nothing at once.

Writing was something I could always do. Even before I became a reader “capitalized”, the letters or diaries were respected and revered places. Chances are that this feeling comes from some childhood experiences with my paternal grandfather sit in front of his typewriter Underwood with the view of Santiago to the west from the eighth floor of the Villa Frei was amazing; knowing that letters that were hard percutidas turned into lead type to put together a page printing invested in the old San Francisco street was magic come true; touch the stacked sheets without stopping and freshly guillotined was feeling a huge fright as begotten by the sight of the hanging in a slaughterhouse.

Although the words left over in a society post whatsapp , into the world of art writing is becoming a technique of the Ancien Régime . When only a few decades ago the publication of a catalog was a necessary event, today the energies are invested with joy and enthusiasm in Tumblr , Instagram and Youtube . The need of writing has disappeared completely and the likes are winning the battle. In solitary essence, the writing is on the rear of the life, against the grain of agile and volatile lives of artists, curators and managers more aware of updates to Iphone and states facebook -of this not saved anyone less the writer .

Anchored in the past, nostalgic and melancholy, still I started each of my texts trying to beat the tremor pencil confrontation of a blank -in his undergraduate thesis Benmayor the reviled Samy spoke of a similar experience with the blank canvas.

I think the art critic, or the writer you should emanate a major and unsustainable to overcome that whiteness as existential desire. The words penetrate and accumulate on the page as stories of love in the life of a person: some will be forgotten; others crossed out and only a few come to settle so hard in memory that must be told again and again.

The controversial ‘Chronicle of a committee’ Art project


Chronicle of a committee is an audiovisual project born from the desire of them relatives of the victim to give registration to the fruitless search for justice. And I say fruitless because here there has been no justice. Currently Miguel Millacura, who fired the shot that killed Manuel, remains free -presuntamente- working as a policeman, because the military justice system , inherited from the dictatorship, so permits. And despite the charge of institutional awareness of the crumbs offered as compensation.

The sinister emotional blackmail with which evangelical chaplains in the same institution carabineros buy the silence and complicity of a family that knows little more than the deep pain that it causes the loss of a son, despite the shame of the scene, whether we like it or not, as mentioned in the film, on the ground that justice does not exist for the poor. But there for evangelical family environment, as a future promise of divine justice, as the relief in another time, God ‘s grace through undoubtedly come. Ergo , the feeling is that the relevance of militancy and that insistent struggle impunity is questioned even within the same family precisely because, as they say, justice is not in our hands.

Chronicle of a committee , shows how the figure of Manuel Gutiérrez is problematic as it exposes a whole huge dispute over control of the images. It is not just another of the dead in democracy, is also the subject of trivial political debate. Because the student movement as timely as opportunistically appropriated his image to give the status of martyr. It instrumentalized his figure as his fateful death taking symbolic performance, reluctantly even his own family. Perhaps this is one of the saddest conclusions that leaves the documentary, that ungrateful feeling that finally all truth is strategic and therefore unbearable fiction.


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Plaques and Memento to Hallmark an Occasion


One of the occasions in which I received awards is still in my memories due to the impact that it had on me. It was in last year, soon after the results of my thesis evaluation. I was given token of appreciation by various associations that were functioning in my locality, for securing the best grades in my graduate school.

Whenever I receive awards, I look at the eyes of my parents and the glow that I saw in their eyes during that time gave me the courage to move forward towards my dreams.

The plaques and memento that I received for my best performance in studies were not just able to make me happy but made me more responsible as I could realize that I had met the expectations that my parents had on me. And when I was awarded, it also inspired and motivated people around me to give out their best performance and definitely it will be recognized one day.


Custom and Personalized Award Plaques to inspire people


There could be many people around us, who shall be an inspiration to us and their actions can motivate us, however there could be nothing motivating us than our own successes that we had in our past and when we look at them it will motivate us more than everything.

And especially when those successes where acknowledged and recognized through an award and reward, and symbolically represented with plaques and awards, just by looking at them we will stay inspired.

Many occasions in my life made me felt elated along with my parents. I have got many plaques and awards for various things including studies, extra curriculum activities etc. I used to take part in various events that gave me chance for proving my abilities.

Each and every award plaque that I have received made me felt much inspired and gave me more energy to improve my skills and abilities. It is now possible for companies to buy Custom and Personalized Award Plaques and present them to inspiring employees.



Collections of classic and contemporary old age Howard Miller clocks


Each one of us has got some amount of artistic sense in us who really makes us to admire the beautiful things around us and thus appreciate the maker of it for his excellent creations.

Most of the artistic are admired because they stand as a symbol of some meaningful past and thus tell us something inspiring about it through its design.

When we talk of artistic products the first thing tat comes to our mind are the old stone carvings, paintings in the walls of old buildings like temples and churches, mostly antiques like bronze and brass statutes and so on. However there are few other things that have survived in our houses for years and we often forget to think about them and they are the old wall clocks. Even today Howard Miller clocks are of great demand as they hundreds of collections of classic and contemporary old age clocks.